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eats end, shoreditch, artists, off-site East End Promise A Story of Cultural Migrants - Off Site Project

East End Promise – a multi-media event documenting and exploring the explosion of artistic and cultural activity that took place in London’s East End between 1985 and 2000 – is set to be one of the cultural events of the year. By exhibiting a large collection of representative artworks selected by the artists themselves, together with a mass of archive material (video, photography, audio), and a number of specially-commissioned new pieces, East End Promise will attempt to provide the first complete picture of one of the most significant movements of the late twentieth-century British cultural scene.

Off Site Project - East Pop West

EAST POP WEST Red Gallery presents a selection of the best East London art and design collectives & directives. EAST POP WEST is a  celebration of contemporary creative collaborations, during a three-day event at the recently vacated 20,000 sq ft former Innocent Smoothies headquarters, which provides a rare chance for West London to engage directly with East London’s artists and designers – to make  an investment and be part of the first EAST POP venture.

Disorient Express London – Prague project

The Disorient Express was first exhibited at the Czech Olympic House in Islington during the Olympics 2012 and was later shown in Prague.

Many of the train carriages were auctioned in a charity auction organized by Czech Centre London, Islington Council and Red Gallery on Thursday 19th September 2013 at Red Gallery, London. Earnings will be donated to the Islington based charity Access to Sports, which delivers a range of free sports and educational activities for young people from disadvantaged communities.


Urban legends, stories and rumours from KošiceUrte

Janus & Ruta Putramentaite present Personae Kasarne / Kulturpark Kosice, Slovakia Red Gallery London based artistic duo Urte Janus & Ruta Putramentaite, also known as Terrible Twins, has spent two months on the artist in residency program in Košice.


PCK–Kunst 2.0

Red Gallery director Ernesto Leal and artists Kate Kotcheff and Marta Rocamora are to take part in festival and symposium taking place in the German City of Schwedt.

Andrew Stanney - 'In-Passing'

Drawing attention to the lost, insignificant and unseen.
The London we know is only the tip of the iceberg. Beneath its familiar surface lies another city, a Hades of buried and forgotten subterranean man made structures, passages, rivers and sewers. The human race has pierced the ground beneath the city for almost two thousand years; subterranean London evokes a nostalgia, fear and romance of adventure in the minds of many. It is an unmapped city, from which one might never escape.

The Future Is Now!” - Photography exhibition by Imantas Selenis

“The Future Is Now!” – this is probably the most popular mid-20th century’s slogan inviting people to a thrilling adventure of the future experience in the emerging industrial world. Life was constantly getting better because the technology, science and inventions have accelerated at progressive rate. The future was knocking at our door along with technological revolution. Everything has gone ‘mega’: mega cities, massive industrial parks, conquer of the space, invention of the television, computers and the internet that took over the world of our minds, growth of the economy has boosted consuming at enormous level.

ANNA LAURINI - 'Not For Love' exhibition

Anna's work is inspired by the abstract expressionism movement. Throughout the years she has developed a unique style using a mix of acrylic paint, collage and other media. Her genuine positivism is clearly presented in her choice of colors and shapes as she tries to transmit her emotions to the viewer.

Off Site - Hasta la Victoria! Photography exhibition by Grant Fleming

A personal journey into the heart of the struggle for Central America 1988. Exhibiting at the Printspace Gallery and is part of the Red Gallery Off Site projects.

Off Site - Dave Swindells Spirit of Ibiza 89

The printspace, {ourhistory} and Red Gallery are proud to present ‘Spirit of Ibiza 89′, the upcoming exhibition of photographer Dave Swindells, who was a Nightlife Editor at Time Out Magazine for over 22 years.