Full Stack Music: The Evolution of Festivals

Thursday, June 2, 2016 -
18:30 to 22:00

With the festival season about to kick off, this second Full Stack Music, following its successful predecessor on gaming, will look at how festivals are evolving in the age of digital and beyond, bringing what works online to real life and vice versa.

The UK has a long standing and consistent love affair with Music festivals, surprising considering the weather.   There are numerous in the UK now across a broad spectrum of music and culture and done right can be incredibly lucrative, appealing to a cross section of consumers, all with disposable income and a sense of adventure. The average festival goer is though under 30 years old and has grown up in a digital world.

What can be learnt from the festival goer is essential for Promoters developing their events and line up and reflected in their approach and strategy. How can big data, sales information and socials be used to plan a line up, select the headliner and sell out the event?  How to reach this young audience before and after the event, and encourage interaction during the event? How can they utilise content in a digital and sharable way after the festival? And how can they keep up with the consumer’s ever-growing expectations and the demand for more experience-led niche festivals?

The panel will be debating the impact of technology and data on the operations of a festival, how booking talent has changed, the changing landscape of the festival brands with new entrants and niche promoters.

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